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Senior researchers
Erik Billing Robotics, learning bottom-up billing(at)cs.umu.se
Greg Neely Psychophysics, work environment greg.neely(at)psy.umu.se
Gunnar Björnsson Moral psychology, philosophy of language, conditionals, modals gunnar.bjornsson(at)philos.umu.se
Guy Madison Timing, music, rhythm, intelligence, cognitive modelling, evolutionary psychology guy.madison(at)psy.umu.se
Lars-Erik Janlert - lej(at)cs.umu.se
Michael Gruber - michael.gruber(at)psy.umu.se
Ulrich Olofsson Memory and decision-making ulrich.olofsson(at)psy.umu.se
Victor Kaptelinin - victor.kaptelinin(at)informatik.umu.se

Graduate students
Benjamin Fonooni Artificial intelligence, computer hardware, learning from demonstration, imitation learning and joint attention fonooni(at)cs.umu.se
Carola Häggström HMI och physical ergonomics in forest machines carola.haggstrom(at)srh.slu.se
Daniel Sjölie Reality-based brain-computer interaction, dsjolie(at)gmail.com
Erik Marsja Cognitive Psychology - auditory attention erik.marsja (at) gmail.com
Fredrik Bergström The neural mechanisms underlying phenomenal consciousness and subliminal cognition fredrik.bergstrom(at)physiol.umu.se
Jayalakshmi Baskar Applied Artificial Intelligence, Personalisation and User modelling magdalena.domellof(at)neuro.umu.se
Magdalena Eriksson Domellöf Neurology, cognitive changes in patients with Parkinson's disease jaya (at) cs.umu.se
Olympia Karampela - olympia.karampela(at)psy.umu.se
Sara Pudas Neuroimaging of ageing and memory sara.pudas(at)psychology.su.se


Senior researchers
Bilyana Martinoski - bilyana.martinovski(at)gmail.com
Henrik Artman - artman (at) kth.se
Ola Knutsson - knutsson(at)dsv.su.se
Robert Ramberg - robban(at)dsv.su.se

Graduate students
Ermis-Ioannis Pappas - hermes(at)dsv.su.se
Fredrik Rutz - rutz(at)dsv.su.se
Hans Jander Man-system interaction hans.jander(at)foi.se
Hiran Ekanayake Serious training games, affective computing, cognitive robotics hiran.ekanayake(at)gmail.com
Jalal Nouri Technology-enhanced learning, mobile learning, ICT and math & science education jalal(at)dsv.su.se
Johan Eliasson Mobile informational context je(at)dsv.su.se
Jonathan Borgvall Computer and Systems Sciences jonbor(at)foi.se


Senior researchers
Anthony Morse Cognitive robotics anthony.morse(at)his.se
Jana Rambusch Cognitive science and game studies jana.rambusch(at)his.se
Jessica Lindblom - jessica.lindblom(at)his.se
Paul Hemeren Perception and categorization of biological motion paul.hemeren(at)his.se
Robert Lowe - robert.lowe(at)his.se
Serge Thill Cognitive Robotics serge.thill(at)his.se
Tarja Susi - tarja.susi(at)his.se
Tom Ziemke Embodied cognition, emotion, social interaction, cognitive robotics, neural networks, human-machine interaction, decision support, distributed cognition tom.ziemke(at)his.se

Graduate students
Alberto Montebelli Biologically-inspired cognitive systems, energy and motivational autonomy, cybernetics alberto.montebelli(at)gmail.com
Anna-Sofia Alklind Taylor Serious games, simulation and learning anna-sofia.alklind.taylor(at)his.se
Gauss Lee Cognitive robotics, modelling robotic locomotion, bio-inspired robotics gauss.lee(at)his.se
Henrik Svensson Simulation theories, mental representation, cognitive robotics henrik.svensson(at)his.se
Kiril Kiryazov Cognitive robotics, affective cognitive models, simulations in real robots and computer game environment kiril.kiryazov(at)his.se


Senior researchers
Agneta Gulz Educational technology, in particular digital environments based on virtual pedagogical characters/agents agneta.gulz(at)lucs.lu.se
Annika Silvervarg Ontologies, dialogue systems, tutoring systems annika.silvervarg(at)liu.se
Arne Jönsson Dialogue systems, VSM arne.jonsson(at)liu.se
Felix-Sebastian Koch - felix.koch(at)liu.se
Fredrik Stjernberg Philosophy of mind fredrik.stjernberg(at)liu.se
Ing-Marie Jonsson - ingmarie(at)ansima.com
Martin Castor Human performance measurement, training, simulators, structural equation modelling martin.castor(at)foi.se
Mattias Arvola - matar(at)ida.liu.se
Nils Dahlbäck - nils.dahlbäck(at)liu.se
Richard Hirsch Linguistics, conversation and interaction analysis, semiotics richard.hirsch(at)liu.se
Rogier Woltjer Cognitive systems engineering, resilience engineering, MTO (Human-Technology-Organisation) rogier.woltjer@foi.se
Robert Eklund Disfluency, ingressive speech, phonology, xenophenes, human-machine interaction, automatic speech recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, dialog systems, neurocognition, fMRI studies, felid vocalizations, cheetah purring, lion roaring, musicology etc robert(at)roberteklund.info
Staffan Nahlinder - staffan.nahlinder(at)foi.se

Graduate students
Amy Rankin Cognitive systems engineering, resilience engineering, safety culture, MTO (Human-Technology-Organisation), crisis management amy.rankin(at)liu.se
Camilla Kirkegaard Computer science and pedagogics, virtual pedagogical agents camilla.kirkegaard(at)liu.se
Christian Smith - christian.smith(at)liu.se
Evamaria Nerell Informatics, text generating evamaria.nerell(at)gmail.com
Fabian Segelström User involvement in the early phase of service design projects fabian.segelstrom(at)liu.se
Jody Foo - jody.foo(at)liu.se
Johan Blomkvist Service design, service prototyping johbl(at)ida.liu.se
Jon Manker Game design, prototyping, agile processes jon.manker(at)sh.se
Jonas Rybing Cognitive systems, complex systems, emergency responce systems, visualization jonas.rybing(at)liu.se
Kenny Skagerlund Cognitive psychology, neuropsychology kenny.skagerlund(at)liu.se
Kristoffer NT Månsson Clinical psychology, fMRI, social anxiety disorder, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Attention Bias Modification kristoffer.nt.mansson(at)liu.se
Mathias Nordvall Game design, haptics simulators for social interaction mathias.nordvall(at)liu.se
Mattias Kristiansson Everyday activities and cognitive strategies mattias.kristiansson(at)liu.se
Peter Berggren - peter.berggren(at)foi.se
Sara Stymne Statistical methods for machine translation sara.stymne(at)liu.se
Sara Nygårdhs Decision processes in complex traffic environments sara.nygardhs(at)vti.se


Senior researchers
Alexander Almér Philosophy of language and philosophy of mind/Linguistics almera(at)chalmers.se
Björn Haglund Language and philosophy of mind bjorn.haglund(at)phil.gu.se
Claes Strannegård Human reasoning claes.strannegard(at)chalmers.se
Elisabeth Ahlsén Neuro linguistics, handicap or challenges in cognition elisabeth.ahlsen(at)ling.gu.se
Helge Malmgren Neural networks, philosophy of mind Helge.Malmgren(at)filosofi.gu.se
Jens Allwood Cognition, communication and culture jens(at)ling.gu.se
Margareta Lützhöft Maritime Human Factors margareta.lutzhoft(at)chalmers.se
Mikael Jensen Cognition and environment, child development mikael.jensen(at)sskkii.gu.se
Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström Linguistics, communication, intercultural communication, pragmatics natasha(at)ling.gu.se
Pierre Gander Memory for fictional information pierre.gander(at)hv.se

Graduate students
Abdul Rahim Nizamani Cognitive modeling and cognitive architectures such as ACT-R, learning theories, virtual intelligent agents and emotional agents abdulra(at)chalmers.se
Baran Johansson Linguistics, Communication, Neurolinguistics baran.johansson@gmail.com
Bojana Jacobsson - Bojana.Jacobsson(at)gmail.com
Fredrik Forsman Regular officer in the Amphibious courpse Master mariner, Human factors in maritme environment. Focus on cognition and working methodology fredrik.forsman@chalmers.se
Gesa Praetorius Maritime human factors; Safety construction within the maritime traffic management domain gesa.praetorius(at)chalmers.se
Gülüzar Tuna - guluzar(at)chalmers.se
Ingvar Lind Cognitive science, perception and gaming ingvar.lind(at)filosofi.gu.se
Jia Lu - lujia1366abroad(at)gmail.com
Kajsa Nalin Acute abdominal pain – diagnostics with/without computerised decision support system kajsa.nalin(at)sskkii.gu.se
Steven Mallam Human factors and ergonomics, marine safety, ship design, crew work analysis from a human centred perspective steven.mallam(at)chalmers.se
Åsa Fyrberg Cognitive Science focusing on neurology and communication after acquired brain injury asa.fyrberg(at)vgregion.se


Senior researchers
Agneta Gulz Educational technology, in particular digital environments based on virtual pedagogical characters/agents agneta.gulz(at)lucs.lu.se
Annika Wallin - annika.wallin(at)lucs.lu.se
Christian Balkenius Cognitive neural models christian.balkenius(at)lucs.lu.se
Joel Parthemore Enactive theories of concepts (philosophy of mind) joel.parthemore(at)ling.lu.se
Magnus Haake Interaction design and visual representation in digital media, in particular within educational technology. magnus.haake(at)design.lth.se
Peter Gärdenfors Concept modelling, semantics, evolution of cognition peter.gardenfors(at)lucs.lu.se

Graduate students
Andreas Falck Event perception and intersubjectivity andreas.falck(at)psychology.lu.se
Andreas Lind Psycholinguistics, psychology of language, speech production, verbal self-monitoring andreas.lind(at)lucs.lu.se
Betty Tärning Education technology – virtual agents betty.tarning(at)lucs.lu.se
Björn Sjöden - bjorn.sjoden(at)lucs.lu.se
Johan Blomberg Philosophy, Language-thought interaction johan.blomberg(at)ling.lu.se
Kristín Ósk Ingvarsdóttir Visual perception - depth and material perception. Kristin.Osk_Ingvarsdottir (at) lucs.lu.se
Patrizio Lo Presti Theoretical Philosophy, Practical Philosophy, Cognitive and Non-cognitive models of Norm-identification, understanding, and following patrizio.lo_presti(at)fil.lu.se
Philip Pärnamets - philip.parnamets(at)lucs.lu.se
Rasmus Bååth Music cognition, especially rhythm perception and production. Computational semantics and cognitive robotics. rasmus.baath(at)lucs.lu.se
Richard Andersson Psycholinguistics, eye-tracking, langauge and vision, communication in realistic situations richard.andersson(at)humlab.lu.se
Teresa Strandviken Linguistics, psychology, philosophy, cognitive science, psycholinguistics, multimodality teresa.strandviken(at)ling.lu.se
Thomas Strandberg Choice blindness, self-knowledge, self-reports, moral and political attitudes and attitude change thomas.strandberg(at)lucs.lu.se
Åsa Harvard Art studies, knowledge development in children's peer cultures/Artifacts for play and learning asa.harvard(at)lucs.lu.se



Graduate students
Olle Hilborn Difficulty in games ohi(at)bth.se


Graduate students
Olle Blomberg Philosophy of cognitive science (especially situated and distributed cognition), philosophy of technology, Wittgenstein. k.j.o.blomberg(at)sms.ed.ac.uk


Senior researchers
Patrik Sörqvist Working memory, attention, auditory distraction, prediction, expectation, novelty, habituation, sound perception, cognitive and physiological bases of hearing, psychoacoustics patrik.sorqvist(at)hig.se


Graduate students
Martin Östlund Social navigation in the form of social layering of communication services placed on top of independent information resources for the purpose of advice-giving. martin.ostlund(at)lnu.se


Senior researchers
Håkan Alm - hakan.alm(at)ltu.se


Senior researchers
Mattias Nilsson Psycholinguistics, reading, eye tracking matt.nil (at) gmail.com