The graduate school does not give a degree in cognitive science. The degree is awarded by the university at which the graduate student is enrolled. The graduate school issues a certificate for those PhD:s that have participated in the activities of the graduate school, and who fullfill the criteria below.

Requirements for a SweCog certificate

PhD Thesis requirements

  • a cognitive science relevant thesis
  • two presentations (oral or poster) of the thesis work at the graduate school’s conference

Course requirements

Courses that provides breadth and depth in the following areas:
  • the historical roots of cognitive science
  • theoretical issues in cognitive science
  • the theories and methods of several sub-areas
    (psychology, AI, linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, and anthropology)
  • several research methods
    (empirical research methods, programming, formal methods...)

Many of the course requirements can be met by courses that are part of a bachelor or master degree in cognitive science.

If you have questions regarding how you can meet the requirements, send questions and a transcript of courses to annika.silvervarg(at)liu.se.

Licentiate Thesis requirements

The requirements for a licentiate degree diploma are the same as for a PhD degree, with the exception that only one conference presentation is required.

Provisional regulations

For graduate students that have already done large parts of their work for their graduate degree, the requirements will be relaxed, especially regarding number of presentations at the conference and having a supervisor from another university.